Friday, March 26, 2010

Lyric of The Week - Blake Mills

Blake Mills
"It'll All Work Out"

I don't feel a speck of hate
really now I'm trying to get my story straight
when you called me from the car when you were on your way
with your friend from San Francisco
that you told me was gay
well I guess he was a closet-straight
get it all out now
it'll work out

my mother was the youngest child
college education was never her style
but she knew just how to make a quarterback smile
it'll all work out

my father loved us right
stayed up at night trying to keep the
check book tighter than a ducks ass
going down a water slide
oh I know he tried
became a victim of the mortgage spike
collections calling every night since 1999
in ten more years you'd think the interest rates decline
it'll all work out

Blake Mills' Daytrotter Session