Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lyric of The Week - Billy Edd Wheeler

Lyric of The Week - Billy Edd Wheeler "Blistered"

"I got great big blisters on my blood shot eyes from looking at that long legged female up ahead. What she does simply walking down the sidewalks of the city makes me think about some stray cat getting fed /She's got a whole lott'a motion in her soul I know but her soul's not the place she let's it show/SHE'S got a body/she's got a motion she's gonna get me she gonna burn me she gonna tear my soul apart put big blisters on my heart, what a mighty crazy cookin' way to go"

Blistered by Billy Edd Wheeler

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Detective S. Nuggles said...

that is very nice! very nice. here's my lyric of the week, mostly the last line:

I can say that I've lived here in honor and danger
But I'm just an animal and cannot explain a life
Down this chain of days I wished to stay among my people
Relation now means nothing, having chosen so defined

And if death should smell my breathing
As it pass beneath my window
Let it lead me trembling, trembling
I own every bell that tolls me

Neko Case